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Shape and intra-porosity of topsoil aggregates under maquis and pasture in the Mediterranean region. İn Press ; Eswaran, H. Anthroscapes: A landscape unit for assessment of human impact on land systems.

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In: J. Yang, T. Sa, and J. Kim Eds.

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Application of the emerging soil research to the conservation of Agricultural Ecosystems. Obtained his Ph. Papendick in His major field of study has been soil physics, soil physico-chemistry, hydropedology, modelling, soil management, and alternative agriculture. Among his major publications are: Ersahin, S. Agricultural Water Management. Comparing ordinary kriging and cokriging to estimate infiltration rate. Soil Sci. Spatial variation of soil water content in topsoil and subsoil of a Typic Usitfluvent. Gunal, T. Kutlu, B. Yetgin, and S. Estimating specific surface area and cation exchange capacity in soils with fractal dimension of particle size distribution.

Identification of nitrate leaching hot spots in a large area with contrasting soil texture and management. Agricultural Water Management : 98 6 , DOI: His profession is on soil mineralogy, archaeometry and natural resource management. He wrote and contriburted to more than scientific publications papers, chapters, books on soil science, archaeometry, land use and desertification. Differentiating the natural and man-made terraces of Lake Van, Eastern Anatolia, utilizing earth science methods.

March , ; Ryan, J.

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Polish Journal of Environmental Studies. Email : erakca gmail. New Trends in Soil Micromorphology. The current rate of soil degradation threatens the capacity to meet the needs of future generations.

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As long as soils are at risk, sustainable agriculture, food security and the provision of ecosystem services are compromised. What have they ever done for us? The IUSS and with it, many cooperating organizations will celebrate the year in a big way. IUSS has made a list of meetings and conferences that have been planned by the national soil science societies and this list can be downloaded here.

Please send details of any further planned activities and meetings to iuss umweltbundesamt.

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Hence we kindly ask all national soil science societies to send us contributions — which will be shown on the web page — about the international year of soils. The contributions can follow the structure outlined below and should be sent to iuss umweltbundesamt.

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IUSS wants to interact more closely with its members, in particular with the national soil science societies. Therefore the new Secretariat kindly asks the national soil science societies to inform IUSS of any changes in the contact details of their Presidents or Secretaries General, or to confirm the renewal of their functions and their contact details. Vehicle operation on unpaved surfaces is of particular interest for military and agricultural applications, as well as for exploration, construction, and recreation.

Problems frequently encountered when using vehicles in landscapes are the destruction of soil and plant cover, the formation of tracks and vehicles becoming stuck, causing damage to the natural environment and preventing the vehicles from serving their purpose. The tire—soil interaction determines the mobility of the vehicle and the dynamics. Therefore, the seminar focuses on investigations and modelling by considering both sides: a vehicle developments for better soil—tire interactions and b changes in soil properties over time.

scripts.mkweb.ru/craniobalance/racy-acquista-azitromicina.php The deadline for submitting your abstracts for contributions to the Soil Physics Meeting is February Keynote speakers from several countries will present their views on a subject of their choice related to Soil Physics. Participants, especially MSc and PhD students, are encouraged to present their work in the form of a short oral presentation 10 minutes, in English, with 5 minutes for discussion or a poster in English accompanied by a brief oral presentation 2 minutes in English or Portuguese about a topic related to their current research or a topic of their preference related to Soil Physics.

See the web page for additional details. Soil security requires the maintenance and improvement of soil resources to be able to meet global challenges to produce food, fiber, and fresh water, to contribute to sustainable energy production, adapt to climate changes, and to maintain biodiversity and human health.

Those concerned with achieving soil security recognize that attainment involves scientific, economic, and political engagement to effectively and credibly inform political and legal frameworks and implement appropriate actions. Abstract submission deadline: March 26, The conference is organized by the University of Pannonia, the Joint Research Centre, the European Environment Agency and the Chinese Academy of Sciences to facilitate the exchange of information and views among scientists and stakeholders involved in land resource research, land management and land use policy planning.

The exchange of experiences at the conference is expected to contribute to an enhanced understanding of the role of land quality in rural systems, underlying processes and the direction, speed and consequences of changes in land quality. The conference also aims to provide a platform which will give an overview of the progress achieved in the development of land information, land registries, land use planning and other services related to land quality on different levels; from the farm level to the global level.

This conference is part of the activities to celebrate the International Year of Soils IYS as declared by the United Nations, aiming to welcome contributions oral presentations and posters from delegates to exchange views and experiences about sustainable uses of soils in order to secure the food production for our societies.

Abstract submission deadline: 15 February. Edited by Christine Chemnitz and Jes Weigelt.

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Without fertile soil, none of these objectives will be achieved. In fact, the soil can do its job only if the life it contains is intact, the humus layer is healthy, and land rights are protected. This Soil Atlas shows why soils should concern us all and what can be successfully achieved by determined people and organisations. By Stephen R. This manual facilitates hands-on learning that involves close observation, creative interpretation, and constant questioning of findings.

The investigations emphasize the importance of careful data interpretation and presentation and the value of a clear, concise, and well-written research report.