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Do you understand me? They call me Mimi, I do not know why. Alone, I make lunch by myself. I do not go to church, but I pray a lot to the Lord.

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I stay all alone there in a white room and look upon the roofs and the sky but when the thaw comes The first sun, like my first kiss, is mine! Buds in a vase Leaf and leaf I spy! That gentle perfume of a flower! But the flowers that I make, Alas!

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Other than telling you about me, I know nothing. I am only your neighbor who comes out to bother you. Help Us Improve! Charity Jobs. Giacomo Antonio Domenico Michele Secondo Maria Puccini December 22, - November 29, is regarded as one of the great operatic composers of the late 19th and early 20th century.

His operas include including Madame Butterfly and La Boheme. As the four are about to leave, Benoit, their landlord, appears and pronounces just a single word: "rent". He is invited inside, offered some wine and begins to tell the four young Bohemians about his amorous adventures. And then in the name of virtue they throw the married landlord out and escape paying the rent one more time.

Rodolfo decides to stay behind in order to finish a newspaper article while his friends promise to wait downstairs. A weak knock is heard and the neighbor Mimi enters asking Rodolfo to light her candle which has blown out on the staircase. She is very weak and faints.

Rodolfo assists her and as she revives he lights her candle and she hurries out, immediately returning as the wind has blown out the candle once again. This time Rodolfo quickly blows out his own candle too and in the darkness Mimi drops her key.

She asks Rodolfo to help her find it and when he does he conceals it in his pocket and continues searching until his hand touches Mimi's hand. In her own aria which follows, Mimi says that her real name is Lucia and that she does not know why everybody calls her Mimi. She tells him that she embroiders flowers for a living. The three Bohemians downstairs wonder what has happened to Rodolfo and call him to hurry.

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He sends them off, intending to spend the evening with Mimi inside. But she begs him to go and join his friends promising, in a very suggestive manner, a surprise for later in the evening. Rodolfo offers his arm to Mimi and they leave together singing of their love to each other. Children rush after the toy seller Parpignol.

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The Bohemians discover that there is no free table inside the Cafe Momus and so they decide to dine outside on the pavement. Colline has had his beard trimmed, Schaunard has picked up a girl and only Marcello is alone.

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Rodolfo buys Mimi a bonnet and introduces her to his friends. Suddenly Marcello notices his old flame Musetta walk by expensively dressed on the arm of the old yet wealthy Alcindoro and followed by footmen loaded with parcels. Musetta also notices her former lover and sits close to him trying to attract his attention.

She breaks plates, makes a fuss about her meal, yet Marcello remains indifferent and begins flirting with some other girls. Musetta does not give up, climbs on one of the tables and sings her beautiful waltz-like aria in which she describes how everybody stares at her as she walks in the streets. But in between the lines she is speaking directly to Marcello asking him to stop his games and come and embrace her.

Pretending that one of her shoes is pinching her feet she sends Alcindoro to get a new one and throws herself into Marcello's arms. As the six merry makers are about to depart a waiter brings their bill, but they have no money left.

source Musetta adds their bill to hers and they all leave the stage happily. A cold, wet February dawn Customs men are searching the peasants, milkmaids and the workers from the suburbs who are coming into the city to work. Musetta's voice is heard from the nearby tavern. Mimi approaches looking for Marcello.