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The approaches to ethical questions about pets should overlap with those of animal ethics and family ethics and, for veterinary issues, with healthcare ethics , and so need not represent an isolated field of enquiry, but rather the intersection of those more established fields.

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This intersection, and the questions of how we treat our pets, present several unique concerns and approaches for focused examination. Read it here!

Ethical issues in the ownership of companion animals: an empirical and normative analysis.

Black Veganism and the Animality Politic. Adaptation of the Pet Attitude Scale to German. Evaluation of Enrichment for Reptiles in Zoos. The authors draw on a wide range of disciplines including history, psychology, ethical and political theory, and the veterinary, behavioural and social sciences to underpin their arguments.

In addition, international experts are involved in co-authoring specific chapters to ensure that the book is supported by the latest scientific findings. Provocative and timely, Companion Animal Ethics offers illuminating insights into the ethical responsibilities and dilemmas raised by keeping animals as companions.

It is important reading for those studying and practicing animal science and veterinary medicine, those working in animal ethics and welfare, and is of interest to anyone who lives with an animal companion.

UFAW, founded in , is an internationally recognized, independent, scientific and educational animal welfare charity. Companion Animal Ethics explores the important ethical questions and problems that arise as a result of humans keeping animals as companions.

Companion Animal Ethics / Edition 1

Read more Read less. Review "This book provides ample food for thought for anyone involved in the animal sector to engage in reflection of their views by clearly working through important ethical questions commonly encountered in companion animal interaction and medicine in particular.

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